Find your perfect dating partner in your nearby with the IWantU App. It is the perfect combination of social media and dating apps. You can find beautiful girls in your set location within a few minutes. This app is designed for a mature audience and it allows people to chat with other members and find local hookups.

Nowadays, people like to watch videos instead of reading text specifically for entertainment purposes, we all love to watch videos in our leisure time. There are many popular video-sharing platforms available on the internet such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok but all these digital platforms come with many restrictions such as copyright laws and community guidelines which creators have to follow otherwise they get banned. However, If you want to get rid of all the restrictions posed by popular video-sharing platforms. then we recommend you to try the IWantU App which is rapidly getting popular because it gives users freedom to watch all types of content without any restriction.

IWantU app is very similar to the world’s most popular short video platform TikTok but it specifically caters to adults. IWantU is a free-to-download Android application that allows users to watch high-quality explicit videos and images. It provides videos from various regions in the world and also allows users to choose video recommendations from a specific region and location.

What is IWantU App?

IWantU App is a United States-based dating app that allows people to find their perfect hookups from all over the world. Its easy-to-navigate user interface makes it simple for users to organize a date with many girls who match with you.

Apart from dating, IWantU provides images and videos for mature audiences. it allows viewers to find women in their nearby and you can also customize the recommendation by adding an age filter. When you click on the “Online” section, you will find the list of all women creators in this app who are online at the current moment. You can chat with the live creators and have conversations with them.

It offers a lot of unique features that are absent in almost all the popular video-sharing platforms. You can find cute and beautiful girls of your preferred age in your nearby with ease. It also allows people to be a creator and upload videos in this app. You can get views, likes, and fame by sharing your own videos on this app.

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How to Use IWantU App

The purpose of the IWantU App is to provide attractive content to mature audiences for entertainment purposes. This app requires a constant internet connection to stream videos directly on the user’s phone. Here we have provided a comprehensive guide about how to use this app and also introduced some basic features of this app.

Step 1. Download the App: First of all, download the IWantU App by tapping on the download button provided on our website ( and install the app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Create Account: The app will ask you to sign up so enter your email address, and password and choose your purpose such as “I’m a man looking for a woman” or “I’m a woman looking for a man”.

Step 3: Find a perfect match: Once, you have set up an account in this app then you can start chatting with other members of this app. So start searching for a perfect match.

Step 4. Chat with Hot Singles: If you like anyone in this app and want to have a conversation with them so click on the chat button below the member’s profile to enter the chat room and start your conversation.

Step 5. Organize a date: Start your IWantU dating journey today! The app helps you to find hot local singles and organize a perfect date and meet your potential life partner.

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Top Features of IWantU App

Watch 18+ Content

The content in this app is not suitable for younger viewers. You can explore beautiful women who share their explicit videos and images on this app.

High-Quality Videos & Images

The app tries its best to maintain the quality standard. Its advanced algorithm gives more views to those creators who upload high-quality photos and images.


Ad Free Entertainment

Unlike other video-sharing platforms, you can enjoy a completely ad-free experience with this app. It does not charge any subscription cost to remove ads.

Powerful Video Editing Tools

Users don’t need to use external editing software or applications because it allows users to edit videos like professionals and it also provides many advanced editing tools among all the basic features such as cut, crop, trim, add music, add images, overlay, filters, effects, etc.

100% Safe to use

IWantU App claims that the user’s data is protected by end-to-end encryption technology. It also provides many privacy and security settings such as reporting other users, blocking, hiding profile pictures, etc.

Upload Your Own Videos

If you’re interested in being a creator in this app and want to upload your own videos then you have to create an account as a creator and then add a profile picture, bio, and other account information then you will be able to upload videos to this app.

Chat With Your Favorite Creators

Viewers can engage and have conversations with their favorite creators. It also gives the opportunity to creators to get feedback and improvise the video standard.

User-Friendly Interface

The latest version of the IWantU App is much improved than the previous one. You can swipe up or down to play more videos and it provides a search bar to easily find preferred videos, images, and creators.

Filter the Recommendations

The app provides a lot of options to filter the recommendations and search results such as you can filter the recommendations by age, location, and popularity.

Find Online Creators

When you search for anything in this app, you will an option called “Online Now” on the top navigation bar so tap on it to find the women and creators who are currently online.

Like Gallery

Like all your favorite images, videos, and creators so that you can easily find them from the Like gallery anytime. All your liked content will be displayed in the Like gallery.


Find Local Hookups

There are many dating apps available on the internet but it is always a difficult task to find perfect local hookups. Hence, the IWantU App is specifically designed to find local girls of your type.


Download IWantU App Latest Version

App NameIWantU App
Size28 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or up
Age Requirement18+
MOD FeaturesNo Ads, Unlimited Chat, HD Videos
Update6 January 2024

How to Download IWantU APK on Android

In order to install IWantU APK on your Android phone, you need to download the APK file from our website ( and then pursue the given steps to install it with ease.

  • Click on the Download button given above to get the APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file and click on the install button.
  • If you see a warning message, click on the Settings.
    • Go to the Security or Privacy section then make sure you have enabled the unknown sources of app installation.
    • Enabling Unknown Sources will allow you to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  • Now, open the file manager and go to the download folder where you have saved the APK file.
  • Install the IWantU Apk on your Android phone and enjoy chatting with beautiful and hot single girls.

Advantages of Using IWantU

  • No Restriction: The IWantU App does not pose any restrictions which gives content creators the freedom to create any type of content that might be not allowed in other social media apps.
  • No copyright issues: It provides a huge collection of music and there is no need to purchase any licenses because all the music available in this are copyright-free.
  • In-Built Video Editor: You can edit professional-looking videos with this app using its built-in video editor which provides all the basic editing features along with hundreds of trending filters and effects.
  • Connect With Your Favourite Creators: Viewers can check if their favorite creator is online and send live messages and chats to have conversations with them.
  • Free to Download: The IWantU Apk is a completely free application and it does ask users to purchase any subscription.

Disadvantages of Using IWantU

  • Not Official: IWantU APK is not available on the Google Play Store or any other app store. This app may be banned in some regions so you may have to use a VPN server.
  • Not For Younger Viewers: It is important to keep in mind that you must be above 18 to be eligible to use this app because it provides visual content for a mature audience.
  • Misleading Information: Some creators may take advantage of the freedom provided by the IWantU App to spread misleading information so viewers need to be aware.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour: If anyone seems doing inappropriate things, you need to report them. The developers will review your report and remove the video or image from the app.
  • Privacy & Security Risk: This app collects basic information of users such as name, email, device name, etc so Downloading this app on your Android phone might put your privacy at risk so it is important to take precautions such as using this app on a secondary phone.

Safety Tips While Using IWantU App

In our modern world, where everybody is exposing their self and their personal life on the internet, privacy needs to be taken seriously. Your personal data is very important and it is every user’s responsibility to take care of their personal data while being exposed on the internet. IWantU is a social media and dating platform which means you have to chat and talk to strangers. Therefore, we have shared some basic and important safety tips that you can consider while downloading and using this app.

  • Trusted Source: As we’ve told you, this app is not available on any official app store which means you’ve to download and install it from third-party sources like us. Please avoid downloading this app from unknown and spammy sites. Make sure you download it from trusted and safe sites. While downloading the APK file, the site must have an SSL Certificate.
  • Manage App Permissions: The IWantU App collects some basic data about users so if you’re not comfortable sharing your information with this app then go to the settings of your phone click on the app management then select IWantU and tap on the permission option to manage all the permission that the app ask and only allow those permissions to make it function properly.
  • Legal Issues: The legality of this app depends on your country’s law. In some regions, this app is banned and you can not access it without a VPN but in some locations, it works fine without any use of proxy or VPN.
  • Don’t Share Private Information: This app also has some mature content so you need to be very aware of your privacy and make sure you don’t share any personal information which can be used against you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having trouble with the IWantU App? Don’t be worried, take a look at our comprehensive guide on IWantU App FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips.

Is using the IWantU App on Android safe?

Downloading the IWantU APK from official source is completely secure and safe.

Is IWantU better than TikTok 18?

TikTok 18 is being banned by more than 12 countries around the world so IWantU App can be easily accessible in more countries.

What are the main differences between IWantU and TikTok18?

TikTok 18 and IWantU app are exactly same. There is no difference in terms of features in both apps so you can go with any of these apps. The only difference is their name and nothing else.

Can I access IWantU APK anonymously?

Yes, creating an account in this app is not necessary. If you want to get access to IWantU without signing up then choose the “Continue as guest” option to start using it.

How can I chat with hot singles using the IWantU App?

Its easy-to-navigate interface will assist you to find the hot single girl of your type nearby and if they are online at the present time then you will see a Chat button so tap on it to enter the chat room.


If you are above 18 but still single, try the IWantU App and find the potential love of your life with this app. This app has a massive database of hot single girls and boys so find your perfect hookups now!

It is a great alternative to TikTok 18 which provides videos and images that are not suitable for kids so make sure you fulfill the minimum age requirements to use this app. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the potential risks such as inappropriate behavior, privacy issues, and more.

Hope you found the information mentioned on our website [] helpful and have successfully downloaded the IWantU APK on your phone. If you have got some valuable information from our website then share it with your community.